04 Jan 2018

TENNIS BOOK available on the Apple App Store and the Android Market

An app for Tennis Players and Tennis Club Owners all over the world, now available for iOS and Android devices

Tennis Book is a personalized Mobile & Tablet Tennis app that offers the fastest and easiest way to track your personal stats to create a tennis league or tournament & contact with tennis players worldwide through your device. Create your profile and start adding your scores.  Share your location and find tennis players close to you that want to share a match!

Have a look to Tennis Book functions for Tennis Players:

  • Profile: Any user can join Tennis Book by creating his personal profile. Then he is named Player and he has access to all menus of the application.
  • Chat: It is so nice talking with people that share the same interests with you! Tennis Book Chat let Players send messages in real time.
  • Invite: Tennis Book will find all available Players close to your region. The only thing you have to do is to invite them for a New Match.
  • Create a Match: There are always details you want to remember... When was that Match, who was the Opponent and what was the score? So easy now…
  • Tournament, League: Create your own Tournament or League, invite other Players to join them! Tennis Book will automatically plan all your matches. 
  • Stats: Every Player want to check his progress over time. Check all your Matches and get useful information for your progress

And Tennis Club Owners:

  • Clubs: Any Owner can add his Tennis Club to Tennis Book. Then you can invite your members to join your Club and rate it!
  • Instant Messages:  Contact with your members easily and quickly! Send instant messages to all your members and keep in touch with them.
  • Booking: Do you want to help member or other players  to book a court to your Club and increase your bookings? This function is the solutions you are looking for.
  • Tournament, League: Now, with Tennis Book, it is so easy to create Tournaments and Leagues for your Tennis Club and invite your members to join them!
  • Ladder: Your Members can track your Club’s Ladder through the application. Also, you can create a separate Ladder for Tennis Book Players.
  • Player vs Owner: Club Owners can act as Players too. So they have access to create a profile, chat with Players, create Matches and of course check their stats.

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